Don Lewis Sr. and his wife Peggy are the owners of Lewis Sealing and Cleaning. Don has years of experience in the sealing, waterproofing, and paving industries. For over twenty three years he worked as union labor out LIU Local 120, on buildings, highways, streets projects all over central Indiana.

As a side line, he also sealcoated driveways for friends and neighbors, mostly evenings and weekends.
In 1992 he felt that with all his experience and vast knowledge of every aspect of the industry, he had the basis for a successful business

Lewis Sealing And Cleaning was born with the philosophy of treating his customers the way he himself wanted to be treated. Honest quality workmanship, dealing fairly with customers, standing behind the job, and charging a fair price was our watch words, and they still are today.

This proved to be a recipe for success. We now have thousands of customers here in central Indiana and enjoy a reputation next to none.

1601 East Sumner Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46227
(317) 783-1424
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Don, Peggy and grand daughter Jordie