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Limited Warranty
Lewis Sealing And Cleaning offers a warranty to insure the value of your investment in you property.  We hereby warrant all sealcoating applications against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of application.  We will honor all written claims under the following conditions and guidelines.

1) We cannot be responsible for damage or sealer due to lawn chemicals or sprinklers, domestic animals, foot or vehicle traffic for the appropriated sealer cure time.  This is usually 24 to 48 hours.

2) We cannot be responsible for damage due to excessive standing gravel, snowplow, tire chains, or wither salt applications, also for any gas, oil or anti-freeze on your sealed surface.  We can not be responsible for problems from poor drainage and low spots.

3) We cannot be responsible for sealer peeling and flaking due to oil or gas stains on asphalt.  Although we will don warrant this we will do our best to prime and clean these areas to ensure the sealer adheres to the asphalt.

4)We cannot be responsible for peeling and flaking due to tree sap.  The owner of the driveway is responsible for power washing their drive before application to ensure there is no tree sap on the asphalt surface.  Almost all trees leave a form of invisible sap on asphalt surfaces and cause the sealer to peel after the first winter.

5) If the base is excessively worn, or has been seriously neglected, we can only do our best.  We cannot be responsible for problems that your drive had before we arrived.  We cannot be responsible for vandalism, sink holes, or acts of God.

6) The extent of our liability will be the price charged.